What is Freeze and Share?

Our innovative “Freeze & Share” progamme gives you the option to freeze your eggs for free. In return we ask you to share your eggs to help a woman who needs donor eggs to have a baby.

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Freeze for your future

Not ready for a family yet but you want to preserve your chance of having a baby in the future? Concerned that it’s not an option you can afford?
Freeze & Share could be the answer.

Pioneers of egg-sharing

In 1996 egg-sharing was introduced to the UK by the team behind the London Egg Bank and thousands of women have benefited from the programme. As pioneers we publicly promote and support the benefits of egg-sharing, and as leaders in the field, you can rely on our expertise.

Today, in the era of egg freezing, this same concept of mutual benefit is applied in fertility preservation and fertility treatment.

Donate and freeze your eggs for free

Our programme allows you to freeze your eggs for free in exchange for donating half of the eggs collected during the treatment to a woman who needs donor eggs to have a baby.

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Who can apply?

To donate eggs, you must fulfill the criteria set out by our regulators, the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA).

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Between 18-35 years of age

A non-smoker

Healthy with a BMI between 18-30

An ovarian reserve within the normal range

Both ovaries intact

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Personal or family history of inheritable diseases

Untreated polycystic ovarian disease

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By taking part in the freeze and share programme you will receive an egg freezing cycle (plus two years storage) free of charge in exchange for donating half of the eggs collected from your treatment to the London Egg Bank for a woman who cannot use her own eggs to have a baby.

There is a minimal initial cost of £95 involved in our Freeze and Share programme to cover your Fertility Health Check. Find out more

Share your dream of having a family

By donating half of your eggs during your egg freezing cycle, you’ll be giving a generous gift to another woman who needs donor eggs to have a child of her own.

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